If you have knowledge

of a crime, call Crime

Stoppers anonymously.


Being informed and aware helps to keep you safe, your family safe, and your community safe.

Reporting crime activity is just one way to protect your community. Other resources are available to help you stay safe, keep your family safe, and keep your community safe.

Fraud Prevention

Learn more about different types of fraud and how you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

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Block Watch

No one knows more about what is going on in a neighbourhood than those that live there. Learn how to reduce crime in your area.

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Bike Theft Prevention

Register. Report. Recover! Keep your bikes safe in the 529 Garage the largest community-powered bike recovery service.

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Gang Prevention

A provincial anti-gang campaign focusing on gang education, prevention, and awareness .

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The Province of British Columbia is experiencing a mental health and addiction crisis.

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Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global and multi-faceted phenomenon. It occurs across and within national borders.

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BC Hydro Energy Theft

The theft of electricity poses significant dangers to you and your neighbourhood.

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Fortis Natural Gas & Electricity Theft

Electricity and natural gas theft are major safety concerns for the general public and increase customer costs.

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